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EZ-Leads Pty Ltd: About us

About the company

EZ-Leads is an Australian based Telecommunications Technology Company founded in 2015 with a primary product of a smartphone & web-app that enables Real Estate Agents to improve their ability to help potential buyers and sellers by instantly connecting them with agents anywhere in Australia.

Company details:

Registered name: EZ-Leads Pty Ltd

ACN: 609 071 034

ABN: 68 609 071 034

Registered Office: Terrigal, NSW, Australia

Postal Address: PO Box 802 Terrigal NSW 2260

Email: admin@ezleads.com.au

Domain name: ezleads.com.au

Phone: 1300 EZLEADS (1300 395 323)

Doug Jones: CEO & Managing Director

Doug is the the founder and visionary behind EZ-Leads.

Doug, as an experienced agent, saw the need for agent-to-agent referrals to be easier to manage - and that is what started him down the path of building the EZ-Leads service.

Doug has been real estate professional for 19 years and is the Principal of George Brand Real Estate Terrigal.

For more information about Doug you can read his profile on Linkedin and RealEstate.com.au.

Alan Bron: CTO

Alan is a serial entrepreneur who has worked for, or been a shareholder of, over 10 startup companies in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Alan has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has been developing software sysyems for a variety of industries for over 30 years.

Alan's full profile is available on Linkein.

Nick Goff : Operations Manager & Marketing

Nick brings years of experiences within the Real Estate Industry both as a 'consumer' - as a buying/seller, developer and landlord of residential properties and as a Real Estate professional managing a busy beachside office.

“I am now excited to combine and utilise my past experiences to contribute to a new digital enterprise that will enhance business to business lead generation and collaboration within the Real Estate Industry, including all associated trades and professions. I also think it is time Australian Real Estate Agents worked to enhance their professional reputation. With so many alternative methods being presented to vendors to market their properties, now is the time for agents to 'go the extra yard' in providing quality service to their clients. I believe the EZ-Lead app is a perfect addition to the skill set of the modern agent”

More about Nick can be found on Linkedin.

Angela Elliss: Director

Angela has a broad range of business skills, having founded both a successful internet business as well as an architecture practice.

Over the last 15 years Angela has practiced residential home design as the director & lead designer at Angela Elliss Design. It was the experience and knowledge gained in her own practice that inspired the creation of Home Design Directory (HDD). HDD is a popular online resource that educates the general public on all things related to home design and construction.

HDD’s business model is based upon providing information to readers while offering paid advertising and job leads to professions in the design and construction industry. In the role of CEO/Director at HDD Angela gained valuable experience about the quick pace of internet start-ups and all the systems and processes required to create a successful start-up business.

With the merger of The Home design Directory and EZ-Leads Pty Ltd, Angela’s experience and knowledge is an essential part of the seamless combining of these two complementary enterprises.

Linked in profile.

Colin Beazley: Director

Colin is an Information & Data Architect with significant professional experience over a 30 year period, working within the financial markets and banking areas. Bringing valuable knowledge & skills to the company during the development of the unique EZ-Leads technology, Colin now offers not only his technical understanding in the company's current establishment stage and but also his financial knowledge and insights for its future operational stage.

His technical areas of expertise including database design and development, SOA, IFW and data modelling, software development methodologies and best practice have been invaluable for the ongoing, secure management of the data that company will accumulate and hold responsibility. This combined with his formal studies and experience within the banking and finance industry makes Colin an ideal contributor to EZ-Leads commercial goals.

See Linkedin for more.